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    Feb 27 2018 - Kari said:

    Deadbeat Dad wont leave us alone. He uses drugs and hops all over the country and is using this number

    Type : Spam

    Jan 12 2018 - Ann Stokman said:

    Spam email address

    Type : Spam


    Nov 21 2017 - Deb Rose said:

    Please take my name off of this website, I do not want my personal information listed.

    Type : Spam


    Nov 21 2017 - Deb Rose said:

    Please take my name off of this website, I do not want my personal information listed.

    Type : Spam


    Nov 20 2017 - Steve Salmper said:

    Please take my name off this site.

    Type : Spam


    Nov 17 2017 - Jorge Hidalgo said:

    Daily calls

    Type : Spam


    Nov 11 2017 - Nikkie said:

    Stupid guy playing stupid games bugging and stalking careful his name is eddie belmotez

    Type : Spam


    Nov 11 2017 - Nikkie said:

    Stupid guy playing stupid games bugging and stalking careful his name is eddie belmotez

    Type : Spam

    Oct 24 2017 - Whitney Peterso said:

    my phone number is listed here under another mans name. I don't know why, but I get random calls for this man. I have had the same phone number for over ten years. Can you please remove it from your system with his name. 605-490-0394

    Type : Spam


    Oct 19 2017 - Samuel Rosario said:

    This silly childish little who@e will not stop harassing me and my wife. She's a climber that wants $$$$! She might need it to her her man a new front tooth but I hope she gets outta the disgusting yoga pants- NASTY and will call anyone with a job!

    Type : Spam

    Oct 09 2017 - Ann Marie Stokm said:

    The email address is spam.

    Type : Spam


    Oct 06 2017 - Lawrence Gicuhi said:

    Remove Lawrence Gicuhi immediately

    Type : Spam

    Sep 15 2017 - Jason Akstins said:

    Please remove my name completely from your website, Jason Akstins.
    I did NOT give permission for you to list me on here.
    Here is the link:

    Type : Spam

    Sep 14 2017 - Ann Marie Stokm said:

    eMail address sends spam

    Type : Spam

    Jul 24 2017 - nobody said:

    Your site is worthless

    Type : Spam

    Jun 22 2017 - Ann Marie Stokm said: is SPAM email

    Type : Spam


    Jun 01 2017 - Nadia said:

    Please delete my number off this page and address this is a safety issue that's people can see all my info I used this number in one company but is no longer apart of please delete my number off this page or at least my personal information I'm getting spam and text messages from random people

    Type : Spam


    Mar 15 2017 - Dawn vernia said:

    No good

    Type : Spam

    Feb 14 2017 - Monica said:

    Hi, please remove my information from your website. Somehow it is linked to a wrong phone number. Please remove that phone number and the address from your web.

    7819220960 Monika Qoshja
    - 9 Bellingham Ave, ,MA 02151-4149



    Type : Spam


    Feb 08 2017 - Michael said:

    Getting texts from 315-272-3968. I don't know this person--this site revealed her name...don't know how she got my number! She is now blocked!

    Type : Spam

    Dec 16 2016 - Randall Haws said:

    Please remove my number from your database. This is an unlisted number. 954-234-1189

    Type : Spam

    Nov 22 2016 - Chris Williams said:


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    Nov 21 2016 - Sarah Crawford said:

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    Type : Spam

    Nov 21 2016 - Mr. Kevin Jones said:

    I like you...

    And because of that fact, I want to pass this
    time sensitive limited access on to you.

    I just know you're gonna LOVE this!

    Mr. Kevin Jones Sr.

    Type : Spam

    Nov 21 2016 - Chris Wallace said:


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    Nov 18 2016 - Weedon said:

    Hello Candance Weedon,

    jes Champ liked your link "Results Of The November 2016 Midwifery Board Examination | Licensure Examination Results"
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    Kind Regards,

    Type : Spam

    Nov 18 2016 - melissa said:

    I was instructed to deliver a Draft/Check of Five Hundred & Twenty Five Thousand USD $525,000 to you by my Mentor “Actor Kirk Douglas. As a result of his Charitable/Humanitarian Fundraising Donation for The Less privileged/Interpreting Language program, from his foundation which your name was listed among those to be paid the sum of $525,000 each from The Douglas Foundation. "Actor Kirk and Anne Douglas Donated the sum of $80 million in new gifts to an array and to help elevate some people’s standard of living through his Foundation. He simply does the charitable/humanitarian project annually from his Foundation. Be informed, your Check is right here ready to be dispatch. I'm hereby on standby as soon as you are ready to receive the Check… However I will be heading to the Courier Shipping Services in the next two hours time to inquire from them about dispatching the Check to you depending when we hear from you as it was directed by the CEO of this Foundation “Actor: Kirk Douglas, you are hereby registered.please contact details

    Direct telephone number:
    Residence/postal Address:
    Complete Name:

    As soon as I hear from you, I will immediately move to submit the Check to the Courier Shipping Company for immediate dispatch and get back to you.

    Mallisa O. Gail

    Type : Spam

    Nov 18 2016 - shiele said:

    Dear Friend,


    how are you today? Hope all is well with you and family? You may not understand why this mail came to you. I have the duty to inform you that
    we did receive an instruction to deliver your two consignments boxes with your reference number xx538rfsqw. The consignments delivery instruction sent to us has been going through the normal official approval process, and it is with pleasure that I hereby bring to you the good news that your
    consignment delivery has been finally approved.

    This authorization was given to us since the signing of a memorandum of understanding between our country and the government of the UNITED STATES
    concerning the issue of delayed of your fund payments.

    Note that our method of payment is by cash delivery system, this a process whereby your funds will package into two metallic boxes and we shall
    delegate a special diplomatic agent who will accompany the consignments boxes down to your destination.

    Our management Board gave their consent to this noble request in a way of reciprocating the patronage of our valued global customers, hence you is being contacted via a very private and secured email address. So you are advised to maintain a very low profile till you quietly receive your consignment boxes.

    As the Director of Air Courier International security company, I hereby assure you that your consignments boxes shall be deliver to you smoothly and all normal official protocols shall be observed. All you have to do is to reconfirm the following information of yours to enable us proceed

    1, Your full name and current billing address.
    2, Direct telephone number where you can be reach 24/7
    3,Your nearest air port.
    4, Copy of identification.
    5, Occupation.
    6, Age.

    Once we receive this information, further details shall be giving to you and the diplomatic agent will leave with your two trunk boxes.

    In Sincere Service,

    Thanks and God bless you.

    Hoping to hear from you today,

    Making the world a better place,


    Type : Spam

    Gloria Wilson Jr

    Nov 17 2016 - Gloria Wilson said:

    Attention,We have deposited the check of your fund ($4.800`000`00USD) through western union, All you will do is to contact western union director Dr.Desmond Great He will give you direction on how you will be receiving the funds daily. and your Full information to Renew your file,
    Receiver's Name_________
    Phone Number:________
    Though,Dr Gloria Wilson has sent $5000 in your name today so contact Dr.Desmond Great or you call him +229-99060422 as soon as you receive this email and tell him to give you the Mtcn, sender name and question/answer to pick the $5000.

    Type : Spam

    Nov 17 2016 - Namir Morgan said:

    I am Engr. Namir Morgan a petrochemical/oil exploration Engineer I need your mutual assistance. Please do get back to me via my personal e-mail: for more comprehensive breakdown.

    Engr. Namir Morgan

    Type : Spam

    Nov 16 2016 - Jessie said:

    Hey Jessie,

    Gabriel here, your Account Manager at MyPC Backup.

    I sent you an important email last month regarding your file security license, which has now fully expired.

    Jessie, as I mentioned previously, this means that your computer and it's contents are currently exposed and vulnerable to harmful viruses, fatal hard drive failure and even accidental deletion.

    Unfortunately I cannot extend your free license any further but I do really want to help prevent your important files from being deleted.

    Simply use the link below today and we can protect your entire computer for only $1.00.

    Once you have upgraded our application will run silently in the background to safeguard & protect your files should the worst ever happen.

    If we do not see any attempt from you to protect your important files they will be removed from our servers.

    All the best,

    Account Manager
    MyPC Backup

    Type : Spam

    Nov 16 2016 - Les said:

    Almost everyday I am receiving email from this email address, I tried to unsubscribe but nothing happens.

    Anyway I did not subscribe to this company or to this email address wondering who is selling my email account.

    here is the subject of the latest spam I got

    Subject: Congrats! You've Been Selected for FREE Dewalt Samples.

    Type : Spam